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About Milk Market Japan

Dairy Innovational Company

In Japan, over 90% of raw milk is dealt Japan Agricultural Corporative (called JA), Milk Market Japan (MMJ) is the first private company which is distributor of raw milk. MMJ brings in a new choice for Japanese dairy farmers as raw milk sales destination.

We Only Handle Good Quality Milk

We only contract with excellent dairy farmers, and their raw milk tastes very good. Our contracted farmers treat cows affectionately and their farms are really clean. Farms are located in from Hokkaido to Ehime in Japan. Our milk is transported directly from dairy farmers to dairy manufacturers. So, we can supply more fresh milk to the factory.

Dairy Products

freeze dried milk

We sell not only raw milk but also good Japanese dairy products. One of the dairy products is “Freeze Dried Milk”. That is made from our special milk from Hokkaido, and freeze- drying keeps the milk’s taste and nutritional value. “Freeze Dried Milk” is powdered and has better taste and solubility than whole milk powder. Further, it can be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of a year. It has a wide variety of uses, such as dissolving in hot water for drinking, making coffee, making sweets, and so on. You can enjoy the taste of Hokkaido milk more easily.

Company Profile

Company name: Milk Market Japan Co., Ltd.
Address: 〒372-0014 3928 Showa-cho, Isesaki, Gunma, Japan
TEL: 0270-50-8220
FAX: 0270-50-8221
President: Shuichi Mogi
Established: December 2002
Description of Business: Distributor of raw milk and dairy Products